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Dr. Patti Amsden : Ekklesia_Kingdom Government Part 1

March 25, 2023 Pastor Carl
Bethany Worship Center
Dr. Patti Amsden : Ekklesia_Kingdom Government Part 1
Show Notes

Patti Amsden Ministries
Dr. Patti Amsden is a dynamic teacher, preacher, and prophet who has dedicated her life to serving God and His people. For almost three decades, she served as co-pastor of Son Life Church in Collinsville, Illinois, alongside her husband, Pastor Dennis Amsden. Together, they pioneered the senior pastoral role of the local assembly, which was later passed on to their son, David Amsden, in 2007.

Dr. Amsden's passion for equipping believers to engage culture at every level of society led her to establish the East Gate Reformation Training Institute in 2016. The institute is dedicated to training reformers with a biblical worldview, and it hosts monthly classes on-campus or via video stream that focus on biblical patterns for cultural transformation and reformation.

In addition to her teaching and prophetic ministry, Dr. Amsden has authored several books, including The Law of Boundaries, Evidence that Calls Us to Dance, The Apostles’ Creed, Portals: Releasing the Power and Presence of God Into The Earth, and Reformers' Creed: A Biblical Blueprint for Reformation in the 21st Century. 
Dr. Amsden's gift of prophecy has touched the lives of many, and she has ministered in the gifts of the Holy Spirit to thousands both individually and in groups. Her desire is to impact the lives of God’s saints and help them understand the Scriptures and God's will for their lives.

is decree. Reading the pages of this remarkable book will not only impart understanding but will result in the believer being empowered to arise and fulfill his or her call to function as a vital member of the ekklesia of Christ.

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